I will lead a council and government that is respectful, inclusive, transparent, results-oriented and connected to the residents, ensuring a stronger tomorrow through dedication to meeting the needs of the people of the Wood Buffalo region. I will foster a council and administration committed to working together to achieve results for the residents of Wood Buffalo.

  1. Present a plan within 90 days of being sworn in to identify the results our municipal government will seek to achieve, emphasizing an improvement to the Quality of Life for our residents.
  2. Work to restore confidence in the local government, the direction of the region, a sense of optimism for the future and a firm belief that Wood Buffalo is home.
  3. Work with residents to understand their concerns, ensure citizens are engaged on issues affecting them and encourage citizen participation in discussions on the future of the region.
  4. Ensure senior citizens can enjoy their retirement years in our region in the way they choose to do so, including the completion of an aging in place facility at Willow Square.
  5. Promote equality and celebrate the strong diversity of our region.
  6. Work to ensure we have systems in place to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.
  7. Ensure that our young people have access to opportunities and services in our region.
  8. Meet the commitments made to our rural communities at the time of amalgamation.
  9. Ensure residents have access to educational, recreational, cultural and social pursuits and programs.
  10. Encourage the development of a culture in which we work, live, shop and play in Wood Buffalo.


I will develop an administration that is effective and efficient, and foster a governance and administrative style that is proactive, responsive and cognizant of the needs of the residents.

  1. Deliver a plan within 90 days of being sworn in identifying the present state of our municipal services and assets and a clear direction for future improvements and/or enhancements.
  2. Support municipal frontline employees and first responders to ensure effective service delivery and ensure that municipal employees have a technique to advance ideas that will improve our municipality.
  3. Explore the concept and development of a ward system, including the urban area, for municipal representation, ensuring future representatives on council are familiar with the needs, concerns and issues in every neighbourhood and community in the region.
  4. Adopt a stronger whistleblower approach within the municipal government to provide a meaningful mechanism for independent investigations into reports of wrongdoing.
  5. Deliver the quality services residents expect including improvements to municipal transit, roads, streetlights, stop signs, sewer services and more.
  6. Implement results based budgeting and spend in a fiscally responsible manner, including seeking to reduce duplication of municipal government services and seeking and implementing cost efficiencies.
  7. Deliver a municipal government that is accessible, transparent and accountable.
  8. Focus on delivering a safe and clean community where residents have access to the services they need including affordable housing and daycare.
  9. Revisit the Municipal Development Plan and Future Forward document given the changes our region has experienced.
  10. Implement a system that discloses the total payments made to settle lawsuits and wrongful dismissal claims where permitted to do so by law.


I will work to build a robust local economy, ensuring sustainability for the future and a stronger tomorrow for the residents of Wood Buffalo.

  1. Within 90 days of being sworn in invite industry partners to participate in a round table discussion to address economic challenges facing the region.
  2. Convene an economic summit with local businesses to address the opportunities and challenges in our region.
  3. Create an environment where business can succeed and people want to invest in the region.
  4. Implement business-friendly policies to ensure new development of retail and services.
  5. Institute a shop-local approach within municipal government whenever cost effective to do so and comparable quality is available.
  6. Encourage economic diversification within the region.
  7. Seek opportunities to revitalize the downtown area of Fort McMurray, including engaging the public to discuss ideas for revitalization.
  8. Work with organizations and businesses exploring opportunities for tourism and sport tourism to bolster the local economy and showcase the opportunity and potential of Wood Buffalo.
  9. Implement a system of incentives and or subsidies to attract vital key services.
  10. Annually disclose the total municipal goods and services purchased outside the region to identify opportunities for local businesses.


I will work to rebuild for a stronger tomorrow to ensure residents are confident in their safety, security and future in our region.

  1. Provide an update within 90 days of being sworn in on the state of the rebuild and what the municipality is doing to address any barriers faced by residents.
  2. In the third quarter of 2018, provide a report to the residents of the region detailing the rebuild process and progress from May, 2016 to May, 2018.
  3. Focus on removing administrative barriers to speed up the rebuild process.
  4. Work with provincial government and organizations to meet the needs for mental health support for residents as they continue their rebuild and recovery journey.
  5. Work with all partners and levels of government to develop and implement a solid emergency response plan and public communication plan to ensure strategic and confident response to natural disasters.
  6. Manage all recommendations arising from the review relating to the 2016 wildfire and update residents on implementations of programs such as FireSmart.
  7. Develop secondary access roads as appropriate in neighborhoods to ensure a timely and safe evacuation process if necessary in future.
  8. Implement protective flood walls where necessary.
  9. Work with all levels of government to create a dangerous goods route for Fort McMurray.
  10. Be a champion with all levels of government to ensure they keep their commitments to our region so we can rebuild an even stronger community.


I will work with all levels of government, industry, local business and organizations to develop strong, productive partnerships of benefit to the Wood Buffalo region as we head towards a stronger tomorrow.

  1. Within 90 days of the election invite all levels of government to meet with the newly elected council to begin development of a strategic plan for the future of the region.
  2. Work with the provincial government to mitigate the impact of Bill 21 on our region.
  3. Advocate for the region, the industry and our natural resources to promote our potential and opportunity.
  4. Work with our provincial and federal partners on issues affecting business, health, transportation, environment and education.
  5. Work with industry to address and reduce fly in-fly out employment.
  6. Work with the Chamber of Commerce to develop strategies so businesses can succeed in our region.
  7. Partner with Keyano College to ensure our young people have access to education and resources that will provide opportunities and lead them to success.
  8. Work with Heritage Park and other historical organizations to ensure that the history and traditions of our region are preserved and our story is told.
  9. Work with our First Nations and Metis partners to meet their needs and make our region more successful.
  10. Work with provincial, national and global external partners to instill confidence in the region.