Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo mayoral candidate Don Scott is pleased to share the following endorsement he has received from well known Wood Buffalo business leader and entrepreneur Robert Vargo.

“I am pleased to provide this endorsement for an individual that, if elected, I believe will guide our region in the right direction over the next four years. I have known Don Scott as a friend, a business owner, a member of municipal council, an MLA and a provincial cabinet minister.

Don has always supported and promoted our region and the industries that contribute to its success. He is also a person who is committed to getting things done, with a strong work ethic and a commitment to achieving the best results for this region.

In his platform, Don has made it clear he is committed to addressing Bill 21 and the fly in and fly out issue, as well as working to develop our region, and particularly our downtown, into a place that is attractive for business and investment. Along with these commitments, Don is dedicated to ensuring Wood Buffalo is a place that will attract future residents and where current residents will choose to stay to explore the opportunity and potential that is abundant in the region.

I believe that we need Don as the next Mayor of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Under his guidance and leadership I believe our region can not only survive the many challenges ahead but also thrive as we head into the future.

I am proud to give Don Scott this personal endorsement as my choice for the next Mayor of Fort
McMurray and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.” – Robert Vargo

Said Don Scott: “I would like to thank Mr. Vargo both for his endorsement and his many contributions to our region. He is an exemplary leader in our business community and a strong advocate for our region, and I am honoured to have earned his confidence as I seek election as the next mayor of the Wood Buffalo region.”

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